Family Learning 

Ever wondered what your child is doing at school?
If your answer is 'yes' then Family Learning is for you!

Family Learning gives you the opportunity to find out how your child is taught in school and how you can support learning and development through everyday activities at home.  There will also be time for you to practise and improve your own skills.

Courses Include:

  • Family Finance
  • Parenting
  • Fun with Books
  • SATs Preparation
  • Story Sacks
  • Number Sacks
  • Family English
  • Family Maths
  • Family Art
  • Fun with Food
  • Family ICT
  • Fun with Phonics
  • Family Language
  • Play and Language
  • Speak Easy (Sexual health education)
  • Moving to Highschool
  • PEEP (Parents Early Education Partnership)
  • EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)
  • Celebrations on a Budget
  • British Values 
These courses are not advertised on the Find a Course link.  Please contact us or your Family Worker for more information.

Family Learning courses available:

    Call: 01582 490033 or Contact Us to apply for a course today