Luton Evolve Project

Free Short Courses

Luton Adult Learning is part of a national research project to determine whether short adult education courses will benefit those individuals with mild to moderate mental health issues.

We will be measuring the impact of attending a course on an individual’s mental wellbeing using specific assessment tools. It is hoped that this national research will prove that such courses have a positive impact on people’s mental wellbeing and the evidence will help secure government funding for adult education courses in the future.

The project is open to anyone aged 19 years and over who has mild to moderate mental health conditions such as anxiety, stress and low mood.

Everyone who is interested will take part in a 1-1 meeting with a dedicated member of our staff who will discuss how you feel and ask you to complete three simple questionnaires to determine your eligibility for the research. You will discuss which particular course is appealing to you and will discuss a start date. Most courses last 3 hours per week for a 5 week period. You will only be eligible to attend one course so careful selection will be part of the discussion in order that you attend the course most appropriate for your needs. We repeat the short questionnaires during your programme of learning to see how this will impact on your mental health and optional top up sessions will be available.

The FREE course you could choose will be one of these but we will be adding more choices so please revisit this page, click the following links for lists of our courses and more information:

How to enrol?

If you are aged over 19 years and feel you have a mild to moderate mental health condition please call us on 01582 490033 and ask for Tracey or Zura, text on 07476004780  or email and we will arrange your 1:1 chat. If you are reading this and know a family member or a friend you would like to refer, please discuss this with them and ask them to get in touch with us.

What happens with my data?   

You must consent to your data being used (anonymously) for this research project. At all times we will abide by The Data Protection Act 1998.

What happens at my first meeting?

At your first agreed meeting, you will be given a self-assessment to complete which will give us an indication of your mental wellbeing. We will discuss your aspirations and any barriers you are facing and provide information, advice and guidance for your next steps. Depending on the outcome of the self-assessment, you may be eligible to attend one short course under this research project or attend other community learning courses. The tools we use for self-assessment are Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ9), Generalised Anxiety Disorder (GAD7) and the short Warwick Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (SWEMBWS)

What happens during my course?

During your course you will learn a new interest or hobby and find methods to relax or cope with your wellbeing. You will also have the opportunity to discuss how you are feeling within the lessons and share coping strategies and reflect upon your experiences. All this will be conducted within a safe, supportive, informal and confidential setting with small groups and a dedicated tutor. You will complete further self-assessments during your course to see how you are feeling and progressing and will receive further information, advice and guidance.

There will also be opportunities for optional Top Up sessions for you to discuss coping strategies or your next steps.

If all of this sounds interesting and appealing and you want to book your 1:1 chat, or you want to talk with someone to find out more about the project and the courses, please call us now on  01582 490033  ask for Tracey or Zura – text 07476  0044780  or email 

Useful contacts

Call: 01582 490033 or Contact Us to apply for a course today