Active Luton

As Luton’s leading sport and leisure trust we strive to improve the lives of Luton’s residents whatever their age, ability, way of life or culture; promoting affordable, accessible and inclusive opportunities to improve health and wellbeing and enhance careers.

Work areas:

Leisure Centres - with fully equipped gyms, swimming pools and a wide range of fitness classes (Inspire: Luton Sports Village, Lewsey Sports Park, Lea Manor Recreation Centre, Hightown Community Sports and Arts Centre, Stockwood Park Athletics  and Golf Centres).

Fitness, Health and Wellbeing - Encouraging, motivating and helping people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities to benefit from physical activity to improve their health and wellbeing. We work with medical professionals to deliver personalised programmes for people with specific medical conditions.

Education, Training and Development - Delivering high-quality training and career development to our own staff and the wider community.

The courses Active Luton are delivering for us are:

If you would like some more information about these courses or would like to enrol on any of these courses, please contact Rachel Hyde  on 01582 256000 or email her at

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