Art for Wellbeing - Upcycling

Do you have some old clothes that you would like to give a fresh new look to?

Adding a new look to old clothes will make you feel like you have a new item in your wardrobe. You could also upcycle some items that you would normally recycle, for example, tins or jars.

During this 2 session workshop you learn how to give old items a new look or a new purpose. Making masks out of an old t-shirt or painting food tins and decorating them to make a pen pot or even taking an old jam jar and giving it a new use are just a few ideas.

To enrol on Art for Wellbeing - Upcycling

What do I need to take part in this course?

As this workshop is delivered online you will need access to the internet on a computer, tablet or smart phone to be able to join in the Zoom sessions and to access online resources posted on a Padlet. You will also need an email address so you can correspond with the teacher.

Your imagination - An old piece of clothing or a container you might recycle such as a jam jar or food tin. You will also need something to decorate, change your item with, scraps of fabric, buttons or some paint.

What will I be expected to do before the course?

Before the workshop starts, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access the first Zoom session. This email will also include information about our group agreement and induction. Please confirm by email that you have read the group agreement and induction.

The week before your workshop starts you will be sent information about a pre-workshop task to help you get ready for the first upcycling workshop.

What can I do next?

You can always join the other workshops, such as:

Ask your teacher for more information about other opportunities. Alternatively you can find out more about other online opportunities we offer including gaining a qualification for yourself.

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