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Here is some more information about each workshop and details of what resources you will need to take part. It would be great if you have the resources listed ready for the start of this session, but there will be time for you to complete the activity after the workshop.

Pirate Scavenger Hunt suitable for 3 to 7 year olds 

We will provide you with the ideas and tools to go on a scavenger hunt, collecting specific items and then creating a piece of artwork with them. This activity will help to develop your child’s speaking, listening and creativity skills.

Halloween fun and games suitable for 4 to 8 year olds

In this workshop you will learn to make a paper pumpkin suitable to decorate your house for Halloween. We will also give you lots of other ideas for fun and games on Halloween.

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

Orange paper (this could be paper you have painted, coloured or collaged), black paper or black marker, scissors, pencil, paper fastener, stapler.

Welly Walk suitable for any age 

Get the wellies out – autumn is here!  Don’t let the weather stop you, our workshop will show you how to enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather. Discover things to see and do outside and gather resources from outside that you can use to be creative.

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

Weather related clothing: wellington boots, waterproof jacket.  Plastic bag to collect items, phone/tablet/I-pad to take pictures. Art work to create: paper, scissors, glue, sellotape/double sided tape, pencils, pens.

Spooky Snacks suitable for 4 to 8 year olds

Join Safia to make some healthy spooky snacks.

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

1 slice of white bread, 2 slices of cheese, 1/4 of cucumber, 1 teaspoon of cream cheese, 6 Blueberries or raisins, bamboo sticks

The Mindful Family suitable for all ages 

There is power in the mind – let’s find a way to use it together, as a family.  In this workshop you will find out about activities you can use to strengthen you and your family’s thought processes and well-being and how to support the whole family to have a positive mind-set.

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

No resources required, just you and your family

Food and Mood suitable for any age

It has been said ‘you are what you eat’ – what was your last meal or snack?  Sign up to our workshop and discover what impact our food has on our mood. You will learn about how food can make us feel and will be able to create a healthy fun snack

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

A small bottle of fizzy drink (any kind), skewer/straw, fruit—a piece of: apple, banana, orange, handful of grapes, any other fruit you may have,

Fun for all the Family suitable for all ages 

Recent restrictions have maybe meant more time with our family – join in our     workshop to find out about some fun activities that all the family can enjoy!

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

You will need up to 10 empty drink/water bottles, a pair of tights, colouring pens, paper, an apple and a bit of space.

Pumpkin Fun suitable for 5 to 9 year olds

Help your child develop resourcefulness, planning and problem-solving skills with our pumpkin science session. It will help you and your child develop questioning skills to help them understand the world around them.

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

A pumpkin, baking soda, vinegar, colouring drops, fairy liquid, a deep tray for the experiment

Think, Talk, Peace suitable for 3-7 year olds 

Talking about how we feel is good for our well-being.  During this workshop we will explore ways to talk about our feelings and keep them safe within a special box. You will think about the things or items that are important to you and learn to share and respect each other’s items and memories.

What do I need to take part in this workshop?

An old shoe box, pens, pencils, crayons, any arts & craft items you may have.

Once you have enrolled but before the workshop starts, you will be sent an email with joining instructions in it. Please follow these instructions before the session is due to start so you are ready to begin.

 During the workshop you will be expected to:

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