Farida's Story

Why did you want to start a course with Luton Adult Learning?

I mainly wanted to get assistance in interview techniques as my last job interview was 8 years ago. I wanted to refresh the skills needed to succeed in the competitive labour market.

Which course did you do?

I did the two - day Passport to Employment Workshop. It was great to hear how different circumstances in people’s lives (redundancy, caring responsibilities, medical etc ) have led to where they are now. You might have had a huge setback but the course was structured in a way that gives personal confidence and the hope that many opportunities are awaiting ahead.

What did this lead to?

Two jobs were presented to us: Vauxhall Van Production and the Luton DART project. I researched the Luton DART project to get an insight into the construction industry. I understood that the industry is facing a skill shortage and that women are significantly under represented. I took the plunge and pushed outside my comfort zone and put myself forward to undertake the five days Construction Hub course.

I attended the five day course, followed on by a two day CSCS course. After this I was given one week’s work experience that allowed me to be out onsite after attending the initial course. This gave me a greater understanding of behind the scenes of the new infrastructure.  On my last day, I was offered a job to work with the company.

Farida's Top Tips:

"Don't be afraid to ask questions"

"Set yourself realistic, bitesize goals"