Family Learning 

What do we do in Family Learning?

Ever wondered what your child is doing at school?
If your answer is 'yes' then Family Learning is for you!

Family Learning gives you the opportunity to find out how your child is taught in school and how you can support learning and development through everyday activities at home.  There will also be time for you to practise and improve your own skills.

Courses Include:

  • Family Finance
  • Parenting
  • Fun with Books
  • SATs Preparation
  • Story Sacks
  • Number Sacks
  • Family English
  • Family Maths
  • Family Art
  • Fun with Food
  • Family ICT
  • Fun with Phonics
  • Family Language
  • Play and Language
  • Speak Easy (Sexual health education)
  • Moving to Highschool
  • PEEP (Parents Early Education Partnership)
  • EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage)
  • Celebrations on a Budget
  • British Values 
These courses are not advertised on the Find a Course link.  Please contact us or your Family Worker for more information.
Some useful links for you:

Be a better me – Case Study

A 6 week course to help manage stress and anxiety, and to help improve mental health and well-being.

Anna joined the course because she wanted to change herself. She has been diagnosed with depression and often felt very negative, which in turn made her feel miserable. After one week on the course her counsellor didn’t recognise her and asked her what had changed in her life. Anna told her that she had been on a new course and it was really helping her.

At the end of the course she felt like a different person and said she hadn’t felt like this for 8 years. She felt like she could make her dreams come true and was able to achieve her goals. She said that her teacher had helped her to find things buried deep inside her and was now able to move on and develop her life.

“I think it's perfect.  I wish somebody could see through my eyes now and realise how much my life has changed. This course showed me what was holding me back, it makes me stronger and more passionate person. I feel capable of anything of everything now, before I didn’t believe that I can achieve something. I thought that my life after 8 years of being stay in home mum was finished. But, no no no. This course brought out my best self. This was a great opportunity for me. This is a start of something wonderful. Thank you for give us this chance.”


Be a better me – Case Study

A 6 week course to help manage stress and anxiety, and to help improve mental health and well-being.

Shuguftas joined the class because she wanted to learn ways to help her deal with her anxiety and the negative feelings she experienced. She hoped to discover ways to improve her general wellbeing.  The main barriers she faced was the responsibility of being not only a full time carer for her children but also for wider family members, she did not want to neglect them and her responsibilities to them.

Taking part in the course has boosted Shuguftas confidence and self-esteem, she said “I feel much more positive and have a better outlook on life, this is all down to taking part in this course .  She told us she has even had the courage to apply for a part time job at the school. Shugufta also said “I have met new people who I would not have perhaps even spoken to and have made new friends, it has bought us together as a group. We even have our own WhatsApp group” Shugufta says she now wants to share what she has learnt with others as it has empowered her to try new things.

As well as applying for the job she is also looking at doing some volunteering, and she has signed up to our next volunteer training session. Shugufta said I would tell anyone to do the course and the teacher is such a positive person and this spreads through all the group. It was a pleasure to do the course.

Family Learning courses available:

    Call: 01582 490033 or Contact Us to apply for a course today