The FA hosts ‘Get Into Refereeing’ event in Luton

If you’re 14 or older and keen to ref mini soccer, 9 v 9, or 11 v 11 football, this is your golden ticket.

Normally, these courses cost £140, but with the bursary, you can grab it for just £40.

And it’s not just about the fitness and pro skills – you could be pocketing £30 to £45 per match as a newly-certified ref, with doors open to higher-paying gigs in the semi-pro and professional leagues.

We’ve teamed up with The FA to host an inspiring event next month, aimed at encouraging the future generation of Black, Asian, and Mixed Heritage referees.

The FA’s mission? To address the underrepresentation of Black, Asian, and Mixed Heritage referees in refereeing.

In partnership with Step Forward Luton, Luton Council and GSV Sports Management, The FA are rolling out new bursaries across refereeing courses.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday 15 November, from 6pm to 9pm, and make your way to the Crescent Hall, Luton. This event is open to everyone and you can save your place at the event by scanning the QR code or email for more information.

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