What Makes Successful Learning?




  • Comes to every class
  • Plans every session well

  • Gets to class on time
  • Gets to class on time
  • Marks the register
    (as attend on Smart Assessor)
  • Offers a safe learning environment

  • Completes classroom assignments
  • Prepares relevant and enjoyable activities and resources for individual needs

  • Completes homework
  • Returns marked homework

  • Completes ILP comments regularly
    (or Smart Assessor comments)
In ILP or on Smart assessor:
  • Gives clear written feedback regularly, that informs you of how to make progress


  • Informs the teacher if they do not understand something
  • Offers a tutorial and gives clear verbal and written instruction and feedback

  • Informs their teacher if they have a planned absence (holiday, appointment)
  • Completes work given
  • Gives work to complete at home
  • Marks it and returns it to you



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