You Said, We Did

You Said, We Did is a collection of our responses to questions sent in by our learners. The questions below were sent to us in February 2022. 

You said: "Can we have a graduations evenings or award ceremony?"

We did: Our Curriculum Management team are looking into organising a graduation event.

You said: "Can we have more IT courses at higher levels?"

We did: Our Curriculum Managers are looking into this and will offer more courses in line with our funding rules.

You said: "Can we access the building in other ways? Are there other stairs or lifts?"

We did: There are other lifts available behind the Fragrance Shop.  Take the lift to Level 5/6 of the car park and then take the stairs to the 2nd Floor.

You said: "Can we have access to volunteering and work experience roles, both in Adult Learning and other organisations including schools? During school term time be good."

We did: We can provide volunteering opportunities at Adult Learning and in the Council, but schools would need to be approached individually.

You said: "Can more classes be face-to-face, especially for speaking and listening practice (so we can pick up accents and slangs easier)? Although a mixed learning is good."

We did: Now that restrictions have eased, we are looking at ways of providing more face-to-face classes safely.

You said: "Can the room bookings be made more obvious?"

We did: A board with room bookings is up in reception and is visible as soon as you walk in the door.

You said: "Can you move the Safeguarding material to a more private space or area?"

We did: We have relocated all the Safeguarding and Prevent material to the rear of the building.