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ESOL Entry 3

This is the right course for you if you are able to speak,  listen, read and write independently and want to further develop language skills for everyday communication, apply for a job, progress at work or progress on to further study. On this course you will learn to use complex sentences, reported speech, different tenses and other language features that will help you progress on to higher level courses. You will be able to better deal with everyday conversations, give a talk on a familiar topic etc.

Criteria for this course:

You need to be reading, writing, speaking & listening at entry level 2 to join this course.

Course duration:

When you fully achieve ESOL Entry level 3, you can move on to ESOL level 1.


At the end of each course learners take an exam and get a certificate for their qualification after passing the exam. Please remember, you will not be entered for an exam if you aren’t ready, or if your attendance is below 85%.