ESOL Level 2

This is the right course for you and will also help you to further develop speaking & listening, reading and writing skills. This will give you more knowledge of English grammar, which will be beneficial to join vocational or Functional skills Maths or English classes at level 1 and 2.

Criteria for this course:

You need to be reading, writing, speaking & listening at level 1 to join this course. You will be booked in to meet a teacher who will interview you and you will complete an assessment online. If you have not enrolled our staff can help you enrol and assist you with all the necessary paper work. If this is your first time joining a course you will complete an assessment and join the level that is suitable for you.

Course duration:

When you fully achieve ESOL level 2, you can move on to Functional Skills.


At the end of each course learners take an exam and get a certificate for their qualification after passing the exam.