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Learner Information

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Learner Stories

'I would definitely recommend Luton Adult Learning as it helps so many people gain new skills, change careers and build confidence to get back into the workplace which is so important.'

ESOL Learners:

  • 'I have a job that starts on Thursday (March 2024) and I couldn't be happier. It is the first time that I have been offered a job since moving to the UK 15 years ago. I started my English lessons a year ago, I wanted to change my life, I wanted to develop and be independent. I wanted to be an example to my children and be able to help them with their school work. Thanks for the help and support of the teachers and staff. Continuing with my studies, I have changed my life for the better.'

  • 'My teacher is very sweet and respectful'

  • 'I've done a few ESOL courses, I always loved the teachers, and their approach, I felt comfortable and heard.' 

  • 'My teacher is kind. Thank you for all the hard work you have done for us.'

  • 'My teacher is very good, she teaches me English and helps me understand speaking.'

ESOL and Maths Learners:

  • 'I learned rounding, number patterns, decimals, metric measurement and units. My teacher is very good and very helpful. It's a nice place to learn new skills, everyone is so supportive.'

  • 'The teaching was great and I received a lot of support during class. I've learnt about metrics, fractions, shapes, angles and graphs.'

Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Learners:

  • 'I feel like I have more of a purpose and am able to push myself to get into a different career more than I have previously done, the course has given me more confidence to do that. I feel that I can do it from not only my tutor but also the other learners on the course as we have a great team.'

  • 'Every person I have met from Luton Adult Learning is friendly, approachable and has a great depth of knowledge.'

  • 'I have learnt so much during this course so far. For example, the health and wellbeing of children such as dietary requirements, how many portions children should consume in a day, ways to promote health and wellbeing to children and their family/carers through educating, sign posting and involvement within the child's learning.'

  • 'The tutors have been great and they have guided me through each step as well as being flexible through distance learning which helps when you have other commitments.'

  • 'I have learnt about the different stages of development of children, types of schools and different roles within schools.'

  • 'I met a lot of lovely people, got an opportunity to spend time in an educational environment, made new friends.'

Caring for Children Learners:

  • 'After I achieved my ESOL studies at Luton Adult Learning with amazing teachers, my English language has improved a lot, and today I am more confident. My teacher is patient and I have learnt about how young children can build their self-confidence, social skills, self-control, exploration skills, expand their language and learn numeracy.'

Teaching Assistant Apprentices:

  • 'The learning that I have received has made me more confident with the children and has made me more alert around them.'

  • 'I have learnt the importance of safeguarding in schools, the tell-tale signs in children’s behaviour, appearance and emotions that could mean a bigger problem at hand, either at home or in school.'

  • 'It’s giving me a better understanding of children’s needs and the responsibilities you have as an adult to teach, protect and help a child develop in a positive manner.'

Diploma for the Early Years Practitioner Learners:

  • 'Since I started my course I have been noticing my child's development and what is going to affect and influence their development. I helped them to make their weak point stronger.'

  • 'Every session I genuinely feel that I have learnt many new things. For someone who has not studied in a long time, it has been quite a learning curve and I feel I have gained so much knowledge to apply within my own setting! It's a friendly environment to learn with a great teacher that makes learning enjoyable. As a mum with a busy life, it is very handy as learning is flexible around my commitments.'

  • 'This course has helped me communicate with the children better at work and also my own children. My teacher has been very helpful and knowledgeable. She gives lots of good advice.'

Developing Children's Numeracy Skills in Childcare Learners:

  • This is a very interesting and useful course. My teacher has always conveyed new information accurately and expansively. This course is useful, not only for future work but also for the development of your own children.'

Supporting Children's Numeracy Skills in School Learners:

  • 'My son in Year 6 was stuck on a homework question which asked about angles around a point. Having learnt about this topic in class I was able to explain the concept to him which he then understood. I was so happy to learn the knowledge to benefit my son.'

  • 'My maths has improved now, and I am more confident to help my son. There is no age limit to learning.'

Functional Skills Maths Learners:

  • 'I had a really good experience here, each day we learned something new. I have improved my maths skills and I can now help my little one with maths.'

  • 'Everyone has a chance to show what they have learnt, it is a welcome and open environment. I now feel confident in my skills and capability to do maths. Luton Adult Learning helps you pave the way for your future.'

  • 'My experience has been excellent and pleasant, I have learnt a lot throughout these past months and it has had a great impact on me. I am now better in with maths and I know things I would never have known if it wasn't for this class.'

  • 'This class has helped me at home as I am able to talk with my son in Year 6 about maths using mathematical language such as proper/improper fractions. I was paying for a maths tutor but I now feel I can support my son myself instead.'

  • ‘Being away from study in the classroom for a long time and going back was very daunting, but walking into Luton Adult Learning, the first contact was with the receptionist who made me feel welcome and included. My tutor gave words of encouragement and assurance that I can do it and gave me confidence to carry on. Luton Adult Learning made me feel that ongoing learning can be achieved with the help of good encouragement. Thank you to all my tutors for your support.’

Funtional Skills English Learners:

  • ‘All my teachers are qualified, cooperative and dedicated. Their encouragement has made me confident and I am improving day by day. The environment is safe, clean and organised – I am happy to be a student of Luton Adult Learning.’

CV Writing Learners:

  • 'The instructors were knowledgeable and approachable, and they made the subject matter engaging and practical.'

  • 'Safe and friendly atmosphere. Helpful staff, patient and knowledgeable teacher.'

Adult Social Care Learners:

  • ‘My experience has been nice and welcoming; the tutors are very good at explaining to make you understand what you are learning. It has never been boring and I would love to come back and learn more.’

  • ‘I feel grateful for the opportunity to study here, I learn a lot in my classes and feel more confident. I am improving my knowledge every day.’

  • ‘In my adulthood, this is the best learning experience I have gone through. The staff are kind and welcoming, I feel at home and my teacher makes things so simple and clear.’

  • 'My teacher is amazing, irreplaceable, one in a million. You have helped us a lot, thank you for all the life lessons, constant encouragement and friendships – without you, this wouldn’t have been possible. I am forever grateful.’

A Better Place to Start Learners:

  • ‘We learnt about self-confidence, mindset, positive affirmations, how to make a good CV and improving communication skills. The other students are really friendly – they give me a positive mindset.'

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